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canada goose outlet Washington, escalating tensions between elected President Donald trump and prominent black leaders, canada goose outlet sale trump on Monday in private meeting with the pastor, the firstborn of Dr Martin Luther King, jr., is committed canada goose parka to the civil rights heroes in holiday.

Hastily arranged meeting in trump tower, trump incur public and representative John lewis, Georgia, Democrats fight for civil rights and Dr Martin Luther King, jr.

It highlights the challenge as he prepares to trump the inauguration on Friday by the national minority deep distrust, many false allegations had offended him, Mr Obama was not born in the United States, shocked, his candidacy was supported by a white supremacist group, and frustration in the opposite of policy proposals they consider their interests.

Trump on Monday did not resolve these problems, in the hall to the news cameras to capture pictures of him and canada goose outlet parka Martin Luther King, jr. Shake hands, but ignore a reporter shouted their conversation or his statement of lewis.
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Celebrate Martin. Luther. Gold still faces resistance on Jan. 16, 2017

Preliminary canada goose kensington parka plans to visit the smithsonian museum in Washington, trump African-American history and culture, as the United States to stop and remember Dr Martin Luther King, jr., has been put on hold closed-door meetings, lasted for nearly an hour. But make sure that trump journalists have the opportunity to see him with Mr King, he said eager to unified visual representation of a divided country.

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Mr. King said session, including voting rights in the discussion, has been "constructive", describe the trump is eager to show their tolerance.

"He said he would appear on behalf of the americans, he said, over and over again," Mr Kim, drum major research institute, a progressive public policy organization, New York, told reporters. "We will continue to evaluate."

On Monday, the king sought to quell anger around Mr Trump to Mr Lewis's comments, said, "in the intense emotion, a lot of things on both sides said."

Mr Kim has urged the government to establish a free photo id make it easier for americans without a driver's license, including many black voters and to vote, he said on Monday that interested in trump's plan.

"It is clear that the system is not in its biggest work," Kim told reporters. "We believe that we have provided a solution."

But other leaders say trump - tense relationship with African americans almost toxic sharply after the campaign, instill fear, and transition did not eliminate their concerns - doesn't improve, unless elected President changed his tone and his stance.

"There's a lot of anxiety, there are a lot of distrust, some people expressed to me, they are afraid of how his policies," said Marc Morial convention, the chairman of the national urban alliance.

Trump and 8% of the African-American votes won a general election, according to exit polls. In November the pew research center survey found that about three-quarters of African americans in his presidency, believe race relations will deteriorate further.

Al sharpton pastor said no highlights the challenge more vividly than his trump on Saturday broke out in a pair of Twitter posts, called lewis, was brutally beaten "bloody Sunday" in March 1965 in Selma, Alabama. All said, "said, not" don't complain about the results of the election, he should focus on solving "collapse" and "crime infested" Georgian regions.

Mr Lewis actually represents a region, including the wealthy enclaves deer head part of the community of the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield - Jackson; Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), Georgia institute of technology. Trump's speech reaction interview on Friday, Mr Lewis said he would not attend the inauguration did not see the legitimate President of trump, as question Russian hackers affect the American election.

"If you can not respect John lewis in Martin Luther King day, and then the rest of us are you talking about?" Mr Sharpton said, adding that no meeting will ease fears trump in the African-American community. "He seems to be a one-dimensional, very negative what black americans, this is terrible many blacks in the United States."

, Mr Sharpton says he is concerned, more interested in public appearances to trump substantive meeting with the African people and members of congress in order to solve the problems of the voting rights, criminal justice and police reform, health care and economic inequality.

"He also thinks we play TV red carpet here, rather than dealing with the President of the United States, some real substance. The reverend al sharpton said," this is not take pictures.

Sean Spicer, Mr Trump's press canada goose outlet jacket secretary and communications director, Trump declared the meeting in New York, Mr Kim in Twitter in the morning.

On Monday in a series of television interviews, Mr Spicer said lewis has started "disappointing" with his assertions, trump is not a legitimate President, he was elected President defended the decision in response, told CBS (CBS) was elected the President is "not to sit down and the attack did not respond."

Trump his temper, however, seems to be against Mr Lewis ably on Saturday night, he said, congress should help him to focus on "combustion and canada goose outlet crime infested cities" in the United States and added, "I can use all the help I can get!"

In African-American history museum in Washington on Monday, some visitors think canada goose outlet toronto it says more about was elected President of the thin skin than his views on the game.

"Some people say that a bad thing, he must say something," Nancy alston said Colombia, Md. "He said to meryl streep bad."

Ginelle Johnson, 35, San Diego, said she believed the trump's comments were out of how he feels about ethnic minorities. But she also said, they seem to show his peculiarities back who criticized him.

"Politics has become a trump entertainment, I think is just a bully," Johnson said.

Trump's short sighting on Monday afternoon in the trump tower is a sharp contrast, part of President canada goose jacket barack Obama on Monday, his last memory of Martin Luther King's birthday - stop at the office in Washington a homeless shelter.

Earlier, his wife michelle Obama skillfully in his twitter posts, she said, "think of Dr. King and a great leader like @ repjohnlewis who inherit his legacy."

"Their example may be our call to action," she wrote.

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