Client Feedback

Dear Mr. Lauria: Even though I am not, properly speaking, your agency’s customer, and even though, based on my personal experience, I cannot say anything about your professional activities, I have to tell you that all the impressions of your customers from their dealings with you as a broker and real estate agent that one can see on your company’s website, appear to be totally justified and well earned.

As you know, I contacted your agency for a totally different purpose which, frankly speaking, virtually does not have anything to do with your professional activities. And still, the way you responded, proved to me that any person who was or will be your client had a lucky day when he or she contacted you.

My elderly mother is currently a short-term resident at Royal Rehabilitation Center in Braintree, and she needed to sign a legal document and her signature needed to be notarized. As it often happens, at this specific point in time, Royal’s Notary Public was on vacation, and I had to start looking for ways to have a person endowed with the power of notarization visit my mom at Royal.

I will omit the description of my interminable and futile attempts to find such a person.

Not until I called Lauria Real Estate and spoke with Mr. Daniel, was I able to find anybody who even wanted to listen to my story.

Mr. Daniel was very reserved, he just asked whether doing that tomorrow at 9am (the conversation took place yesterday at about 6 pm) would be convenient to my mother. Needless to say, the next day, exactly at 9am Mr. Daniel was at my mom’s room. He was very patient asking all necessary questions and waiting until my mom (whose English is very limited) would find answers. He was very friendly with her, making sure that she would not become intimidated by the procedure.

He was patiently waiting until my mom would initial the document in 12 different spots. I have to add that, in addition to all technicalities relating to the notarization process, he was very astute psychologically. He encouraged my mom to look more optimistically on her condition (she is in the process of fighting the remnants of a serious illness). All in all, I cannot adequately describe what kind of beneficial influence Mr. Daniel produced by doing something that went far and beyond his professional duties as a notary.

And I would have to add that, to my surprise, Mr. Daniel refused to get reimbursed for his time and efforts, and I have to tell you, he spent with my mom almost half-an-hour, which means that, if one takes into account the time that he had to spend for driving from his agency to the rehab and back, the overall time expenditures that Mr. Daniel was generous enough to make constituted almost an hour. And he did not hesitate to do that in order to help an unknown person in distress.

If you are acting with such abnegation for helping people in need, for helping people towards whom you do not have any obligations at all, I can tell that all your clients, past and future, are happy people, because you’re a person of an exceptional sense of duty, magnanimity and posses a genuine and selfless interest in other people’s lives.

Thank you very much.

Dan, We have been beyond pleased with the service you have provided. We truly couldn’t have done it without you. It’s been great peace of mind working with someone with so much professional experience and we are so thankful we didn’t try to go without a broker (as many of our neighbors advised) or with anyone else.
Dear Mr. Lauria, Thank you so much for all your help in buying our home. You made the process so easy. We are pretty much all settled and the house is starting to feel like home. Also, thank you for our housewarming gift. It was so thoughtful of you. I hope all is well. Thanks again.
Kate & Steve
Dan and Rose, Thank you for the gift certificate. We sure can use a night out about now. We love the house and certainly can’t wait to fill all the rooms. Also, thank you for making our buying and selling process stay sane.
Linda & Lou
Dear Dan, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your time and efforts in selling my condo. If down the road I want to buy again, ‘you’re the man.’ Thanks again so much for the gift certificate. That was very generous of you.